Black Hills Trailside

Trailside Bicycles

(Located at Black Hills Trailside Park Resort)

E-Bike Rentals

Located next to the Mickelson Trail, Trailside Bicycles rents e-bikes at the campground.


Enjoy riding these e-bikes on the Mickelson Trail. The Mickelson Trail runs from Deadwood to Edgemont. It follows the historic Burlington Northern rail line, which was abandoned in 1983.

A majority of the 109 mile trail has a 4% grade or less. The trail surface is primarily crushed limestone and gravel.

Learn more about the George S Mickelson Trail here:–mickelson-trail/ 

The Mickelson Trail runs through Black Hills Trailside Park Resort, and riders can get on the trail at the campground. As a point of reference, the campground is located just a couple blocks from Trailhead #8 (see map). Plan your trip on the Mickelson Trail using this map: 


The step-thu frames on these bikes fit riders from 5’1” to 6’9”.  The maximum bike load is 440 lbs.


E-Bike Rates:

  • 4 Hour – Half Day – Starting at $60.00
  • 8 Hour – Full Day – Starting at $95.00
  • 2 Day Rental – Starting at $175.00
  • 3 Day Rental – Starting at $250.00

inStep Take 2 Bike Trailer rates

  • 4 Hour – Half Day – Starting at $15.00
  • 8 Hour – Full Day – Starting at $25.00
  • inStep Take 2 Bike Trailer Information

    Seats 2  |  1+ years  |  80 lb Max Weight (40 lb per child)  | Children only (no pets)

Refillable Water Bottles available for purchase: $5

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A two-day notice (48 Hours) is required in order to get a full refund on all E-bike rentals.

Weather cancellation is determined by Trailside Bicycles. Please call 605-574-9079 for status.